Welcome to Song Electronics

Song Electronics is a high-fidelity audio dealer operating in a friendly home environment. We are pleased to be the authorized dealer of Sound Lab electrostatic speakers and Atma-Sphere amplifiers. The combination of Sound Lab and Atma-Sphere provides the best transparent and neutral sound reproduction.

The diaphragm in the Sound Lab electrostatic speaker has the lowest moving mass among all the full range speaker technologies. Plus the large radiating area and single driver for the low mid and high frequencies , Sound lab provides the most coherent sound and reveals every nuance recorded in your CD. You will be surprised to uncover the delicacies you haven't heard before.

 By removing the output transformers, Atma-Sphere Output-transformer-Less (OTL) amplifiers lift the veil covered by the traditional amplifiers. The zero feedback circuit design in both Atma-Sphere's pre-amp and power-amp guarantees sound fidelity from the source to the speaker. 


 Both Sound Lab and Atma-Sphere were founded in the late 70s. In the past forty years they have been heavily investing in the research and development and meticulously fine-tuning their products through their patented technologies. The sound stage generated by the Sound Lab \ Atma-Sphere system is accurate and three dimensional, giving you a live performance feeling.


 "My son had never been enjoying orchestra symphonies before the Sound Lab \ Atma-Sphere system was established in my listening room" said Dr. Song, the owner of Song Electronics, a music lover and also specializing in Electronics Engineering, "Now he often sneaks in while I am playing Beethoven's. The undistorted harmonics, delicate sound decays, and pinnable individual instruments are simply amazing and pleasant."

We have the following speakers and amplifiers in demo. You are very welcome to make an appointment for a personalized audition. 

Sound Lab U-1PX Speaker

Sound Lab M-3PX Speaker

Sound Lab Majestic 545 Speaker

Amta-Sphere MA-2 Power Amplifier

Amta-Sphere S-30 Power Amplifier

Amta-Sphere MP-1 Pre-amplifier

Amta-Sphere UV-1 Pre-amplifier

The demo equipment is lightly used and can be offered in a discounted price. Please contact us for detail.